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How we do it

We start with a stock BlackBerry Passport® phone, disassemble it and update it with new parts & software.


Afterwards, we put it all back together and bench test for proper functionality.


All with the end goal of meeting todays PKB Phone Owners wants & needs, using current day technology housed within a classic, timeless piece of smartphone hardware

BB-SE eMMC.png

New replacement eMMC memory

64GB or 128GB options

We carefully remove the original secure 32GB eMMC memory chip and replace it with a higher capacity version.

The new replacement chip is pre-programmed with all of the required boot & user partitions and carefully installed back on the mainboard.

OS of your choice...

Android 9 or Open Source
Android 10 or Android 11

We pre-image your phone with the OS that works best for you.


  • Android 9 with full Google Apps functionality, Security Updates & Play Store Access

  • Android 9, 10 or 11 Open Source with GApps, unlocked bootloader & root access so you can make your own builds.

BB-SE QI.png

Wireless Charging

AT&T version had it, why not the SE?

With the SE's back cover removed, we take the original NFC Inlay with PMA/QI charger coil backing out of a donor AT&T version phone and install it in place of the SE's NFC only Inlay.


We also add the missing POGO pins to the SE's mainboard in order to enable the PMA/QI wireless charging functionality

USB-C Port upgrade

Out with the old, in with the new!

While the phones mainboard is out, we carefully remove the old outdated USB Micro connector and replace it with a modern day Type-C connector to provide both power & data connectivity


NOTE: Data speeds do remain at original USB 2.0 standards

          Future DP SlimPort HDMI/VGA functionality pending

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