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Our SMD Workbench Laboratory

This is where all of the "hands on" work is done. Your looking at over $3,000 in parts & gear


eMMC Memory Chip Removal

This is how we remove the original secure 32GB eMMC chip from the mainboard. This chip is useless and discarded as the contents are proprietary


BGA153 Chip Location Inspection

Once the original 32GB eMMC chip is removed, we clean up and inspect the mainboard to ensure that all of the BGA153 pads are intact and ready for reuse. We plan on outsourcing the eMMC reinstallation in order to lower costs significantly by large QTY volume


Prototype Mainboard Candidates

We have spent over $700 acquiring all three versions of the phone, striping them down for parts and putting them back together to determine what hardware modifications are worthy, and which aren't


Our eMMC Programming Station

This is where we modify the Android 9 OSS code enabling driver support & imaging of eMMC chips


BGA Hot Air Removal Station

This is the tool we use to carefully remove the original 32GB memory chip and reinstall the new upgraded 64GB or 128GB with Android 9 OS preloaded


BGA153 eMMC Chip Test Sockets

Your looking at over $1,500 in BGA153 Socket adapters. This is how we take a programmed test memory chip and temporarily attach it to a prototype mainboard to see what works and what doesn't. This is how most phone manufactures test their prototypes


Evaluation Test Rig Setup

This is how we test the final product without having to put a phone back together. Using parts from donor phones, we assemble all of the pieces together to see how things work. A HDMI adapter is used for video as it is impossible to do this with the LCD attached

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