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Old Phone, new frame, 16:9 display and new Internals & OS

While I'm saving up for a trip to Shenzhen to shop for a small batch manufacturer to prototype a new mainboard for my dozen or so SE's...









I am considering going the extra step of prototyping a one off unit by putting in a 16:9 ratio FHD or QHD display in place or the original 1:1 display. This would require me extending the original aluminum frame and 3D printing a new back cover.


I have already sourced out the correct size 16:9 display and have also begun tinkering with a PRIV like slider mechanism. Not sure the latter is feasible but then again, one will not know unless one tries.

Keeping in mind that what I am attempting to do is "upgrading" existing phones, purposely reusing the majority of the original parts, like the cameras, speakers, mics, headphone jack and keyboard.


The only connector that would be updated is the USB/Charging port in addition to adding wireless charging. This would help keep the "upgrade" costs down to a minimum.

So with that said, which format would you chose?

Let me know your thoughts via these (3) polls answers:

1) Original - Don't mess with it, leave it as is and just update the internals & OS?

2) Fixed - Extend the original frame to accommodate a 16:9 ratio display + new internals & OS?

3) Slider - Extend the original frame to accommodate a 16:9 ratio display, new internals & OS AND add a slider mechanism?

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