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Old Phone, New Internals

Now that my Alpha testing phase for Android 9 on the Passport models had come to a disappointing end, I am contemplating taking on another approach to bring new life to not only the Passport models, but others as well.


Forum feedback from the CrackBerry site implies that the Passport would not be "their" preferred phone to bring back to life. I personally feel that the Passports, specifically the Silver Edition is the best PKB phone ever made.

So... If it was possible to upgrade your existing "end-of life" phone to have all new internals with 5G, adequate RAM, Wi-Fi 6, BT5, Type-C connectivity running on Android 12 OS...

Which would you chose?

Keep in mind that the enclosure, screen, cameras, speakers, mics, headphone jack and keyboards would all remain the same as the original phones hardware. The only connector that would be updated is the USB/Charging port.

Let me know your thoughts via these (3) polls questions:

1) Which phone do you own, our would choose to be updated?

2) How much would you pay to have the phone of your choice above upgraded with new internals?

3) If you currently don't have a BB phone, which "used" phone would you purchase if it was upgraded?

BB Classic.jpg


Thanks for your feedback!

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